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Ile de France

People often notice the red, white and blue ocean liner that graces the label of ILE DE FRANCE® cheeses. Little do they know that the illustration holds many clues to the history of Brie in the United States and is a nod of appreciation to the legacy of the man who first introduced France’s most famous cheese, Alfred Schratter. An early innovator, Mr. Schratter, was the first to transport delicate Brie, the French ‘King of Cheese,’ to America in 1936, on the ocean liner ‘Ile de France’. Today, the ILE DE FRANCE® brand remains a top seller in the United States. A history that began over 70 years ago is still being fulfilled to this day. All around the world, ILE DE FRANCE® offers products of unique quality, with a wide range of selected, carefully chosen imported French cheeses, helping you discover gourmet food, expert knowledge and the French way of life. ILE DE FRANCE® imported French cheeses worthy of your special moments!